How To Read Your Dog's Mind

by Hayden Milleron April 25, 2018

Can your dog talk? Mine Can’t.

Knowing your dog's body language is vital. Here’s why…

It’s the only way to tell how our puppy is feeling. A happy puppy is easy to spot with its tail wagging. But what if she is angry and ready to bite? What can we look for?

Study this picture and get to know the different states your dog can be in. If your dog is building up anger you will recognize it right away. Knowing signs of an anger can prevent trips to the vet...or the hospital.

Dog body language reveals what ALL dogs are thinking. Your dog is a sweetheart but many aren’t.

Are you yelling at the TV? Your dog will be aggressively chewing a toy. Be conscious of your demeanor. Just like we notice their body language, dogs notice ours.

Best wishes,