A New Purpose For Fashion

by Hayden Milleron April 24, 2018

Fashion accessories are not about impressing people. Let me explain...

Have you tried wearing jewelry to remind you of a way of being or a special someone?

Imagine wearing a garment or accessory for a purpose. It could be mindfulness or to be a better person.

You gave hard earned money for that precious pendant but does it mean anything?

Do you miss your lovely puppy throughout the day? I sure do. The connection we share is out of this world. Having a token to remind me of my dog throughout the day brightens my mood.

Studies show using a token or object significantly increases memory capacity. This is why I set a purpose for everything I wear. A bracelet for mindfulness or a t-shirt reminding me to be awesome. 

If we wear jewelry, let's wear it to remind us of something special. Give it a purpose. Mindfulness, a special someone or even your pet. Caught up in daily life, we forget what's important to us. Since I started implementing this process my mood throughout the day has increased wonderfully. You can do the same.

Best wishes,